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Baseball Victoria Announces 2024 Women’s & Youth Women's State Teams

Baseball Victoria is excited to announce the Victorian Women’s & Youth Women's State Teams, which will represent on the national stage in April 2024.

The Australian Women's & Youth Women's Championships return to Melbourne Ballpark, with Victorian teams eager to succeed after strong campaigns last year. Victoria secured a silver medal finish in the women's tournament and bronze in the youth event.

Thank you to everyone who tried out - we had a fantastic turnout and are excited to watch our Victorian representatives compete in an amazing week of women's baseball.

Congratulations to our 2024 Victorian Women's & Youth Women's State Teams!

2024 Victorian Women’s State Team (AWC 2-8 April)

  • Abbey Kelly
  • Allie Bebbere
  • Belinda Cannington
  • Jamie Bastian
  • Jasmine Bentley
  • Jessica Brown
  • Jessica Johnson
  • Kira Jansen
  • Kira Kuwamoto
  • Lili Cavanagh
  • Lilian Bell-Tanner
  • Lilly Simpson
  • Macy Priamo
  • Ruby Benne
  • Ruby Dale
  • Saeko Suzuki

Train-on players:

  • Eden Neave
  • Mackenzie Prentice-Evans

Coaching staff:

  • Samantha Hamilton (head coach)
  • Jarryd Rogers (assistant coach)
  • Stephen Black (pitching coach)
  • Ursula Howard (EO)

2024 Victorian Youth Women’s State Team (AYWC 3-7 April)

  • Alexandra Egan
  • Alexia Hunkin
  • Alyssa Jamieson
  • Amelia Wright
  • Andie Torcasio
  • Charlotte Jansen
  • Chelsea Nunn
  • Emily Loong
  • Kendra Rutgers
  • Lacey Tompkins
  • Molly Lewis
  • Morgan McConville
  • Olivia Walker
  • Saya Turnley
  • Sophie Bird
  • Tabitha Pitt

Train-on players:

  • Isabel Zurawel
  • Lily Byrne
  • Madeline Haynes

Coaching staff:

  • Richard Elton (head coach)
  • Ryan Tompkins (assistant coach)
  • Erin Collis (pitching coach)
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