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Women’s Pathway Working Group

The Women’s Pathway Working Group (WPWG) is a permanent standing working group, established by the Board to support the strategic direction, governance and leadership of women’s pathway initiatives by Baseball Victoria.

Group members:

  • Samantha Hamilton
  • Abbey McLellan
  • Michael Wearne
  • Allie Bebbere

The WPWG advises and makes recommendations to the CEO and High Performance Pathway management team on governance and the strategic alignment and management of the Women’s Pathway Plan and associated key strategic priorities, which may include:

  • Women’s pathway relating to athletes and coaches
  • Performance Training Environment (PTC – Academy programs)
  • Women’s pathway policies, processes and practices
  • Priorities for resource allocation and financial investment
  • Create participation and performance pathway opportunities for women and girls
  • Integrate with state/national pathway model and align with national coaching philosophies
  • New initiatives to assist in the attainment of key strategic objectives
  • Other responsibilities as directed by the CEO
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