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2019/20 VSBL Season: Division Three Round Four

Round four of the 2019/20 VSBL Division 3 season saw Springvale Lions extend their record to 4-0 in the firsts and seconds following big wins over Chelsea. There's still plenty of action ahead as the season is early and competition is fierce.

Division 3 Firsts

North Western Titans 10 v Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 11

A one-run result in this game produced the result in Ormond Blue’s favour.

The close margin saw North Western Titans remain without a win while Blue improved their record to 3 wins and a draw.

Ormond Blue face the 4-0 Lions next week while the Titans come up against Ormond Gold.

Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 5 v Pakenham Pumas 6

With both teams on one win for the season heading into this match, Ormond Gold and Pakenham wanted to prove themselves to the other, and the competition. 

Pakenham were able to grind out a much-needed win after a heavy defeat last week and will be hopeful of beating Chelsea next week while Ormond Gold play the Titans.

Chelsea Dolphins 0 v Springvale Lions 17

Springvale were all over the Dolphins in this one as they cruised to a 17-0 win.

Tim Hanson started on the mound for the Lions as his pitching paved the way for the offence to shine as the scoreline read 10-0 heading into the bottom of the fifth where Lucas Anderson also provided some relief.

Adam Thatcher had two runs on two hits, Neal Cavanagh crossed the plate three times on two hits and Scott Baillie also had two hits and three runs with another three RBI’s. Anderson had three runs from two hits while Mark Anderton had four RBI’s from two hits.

But it was Chris Davies who was the star with four hits (two doubles) from four at bats which produced three runs and two RBIs.

Division 3 Seconds

North Western Titans 1 v Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 33

Ormond Blue had a strong showing against as North Western Titans still can’t get a result to sway in their favour.

The 33-run effort was almost double their season runs tally as they remain in second place before a top-of-the-table clash against Springvale next week. It doesn’t get easier for the Titans who face Ormond Gold in Round 5.

Chelsea Dolphins 4 v Springvale Lions 16

The Lions came out blazing in their matchup against Chelsea, securing a 16-4 win away.

Springvale got a hold of Chelsea to take their record to 4-0 before facing second-place Ormond Blue, while Chelsea want to get back on the winner’s list after their massive Round 3 win.

Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 11 v Pakenham Pumas 4

Pakenham are without a win also in Division Three reserves, falling to Ormond Gold.

Ormond Gold are on an equal 3-1 record with Ormond Blue but should improve on that when tasked with travelling to the Titans home ground while Pakenham stay at home as Chelsea visit.

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