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2019 Little League State Championships DAY 2

Baseball Victoria
13 April 2019

Day 2 of the 2019 Little League State Championships is in the books, and the weather held out at Knox Baseball Club for another fantastic day of junior baseball! There was lots of excitement and enthusiastic applause with 14 action-packed games. Well done to everyone who participated and good luck to all players and teams in tomorrow's finals as we wrap up the tournament on a high note!

Little League All Stars

Game 4 – Diamond 1 10:00am Geelong Baycats v Southern Mariners 0 - 25


Geelong Baycats Takes A Tough Blow From Southern Mariners


Geelong Baycats struggled to get their offense going on Saturday, as they were easily overcome by Southern Mariners for a final score of 25-0 in favour of the Mariners. 

The tight-knit team was thrilled to get such a strong shutout win, made possible by a fantastic start from Jarrod Thomas. He went two innings, allowing zero runs on zero hits, striking out two and walking zero.


Riley Peoples was on the mound for Geelong, and he gave up just one run and no hits along with a walk and a strikeout in his one and one-third innings of work. Albie Scott and Marshall McMahon entered the game from the bullpen, throwing one inning and two-thirds of an inning respectively.

While the Baycats were left hitless, the Mariners racked up 16 hits on the day, with Erin Kent leading the way with three including a grand slam at the end of the game. Samuel Walsh also had three hits, while Robert Hodgetts, Jarrod Thomas and Robinson Smith followed with two apiece. 

Three errors were costly for the Baycats, while the Mariners relied on clean fielding to protect their lead. This victory helped the Mariners secure a 2-0 start to the tournament!


Game 5 – Diamond 2 10:00am Twins v Eastern Athletics 16 - 7


Eastern Athletics Loses Lead Early In Defeat


Eastern Athletics fell behind early and couldn't come back in a 16-7 loss to Twins on Saturday.Twins scored on a double by Alex Liersch, a walk by Timothy Thiel, a walk by William Hardy, a walk by Devin Leahy, and a single by Hamish Stone in the first inning.


Despite the loss, Eastern Athletics did collect four hits in the high-scoring affair. Unfortunately, Twins had nine hits on the way to victory. Twins opened up scoring in the first inning. Alex Liersch drove in one when he doubled.


Eastern Athletics tallied six runs in the third inning. Eastern Athletics' offense in the inning came from a walk by Charles Chislett, a triple by Will Kent, and a single by Mitchell Smith.


Timothy Thiel led things off on the mound for Twins. He went two innings, allowing zero runs on zero hits, striking out two and walking zero.


Aaron Zhu was on the pitcher's mound for Eastern Athletics. He allowed three hits and nine runs over one and one-third innings, striking out three. Kycen Dowling, Ezra Ferguson, and Aimon Dowling each contributed in relief for Eastern Athletics. Eastern Athletics launched one home run on the day. Mitchell Smith had a long ball in the fifth inning.


Mitchell Smith went 2-for-3 at the plate to lead Eastern Athletics in hits.Twins scattered nine hits in the game. Hamish Stone, Alex Liersch, and Nathan Rumbelow all collected multiple hits for Twins.


Game 6 – Diamond 1 1:00pm Southern Mariners v Eastern Athletics 15 - 3


Southern Mariners Runs Away With Early Lead In Victory


Eastern Athletics fell behind early and couldn't come back in a 15-3 loss to Southern Mariners on Saturday. Southern Mariners scored on a single by Liam Bald, a single by Mitchell Langworthy, a single by Joel Bouker, and a fielder's choice by Parker Austin in the first inning.


The Eastern Athletics struggled to contain the high-powered offense of Southern Mariners, giving up 15 runs. Southern Mariners got things started in the first inning. Liam Bald drove in one when he singled.


Joel Bouker got the start for Southern Mariners. He surrendered one run on one hit over two innings, striking out one and walking zero.


Mitchell Smith was on the mound for Eastern Athletics. He surrendered ten runs on six hits over two innings, striking out three. Ethan Johnston threw two innings in relief out of the bullpen.


Eastern Athletics tallied one home run on the day. Jack Noble went yard in the third inning. Mitchell Smith, Jack Noble, and Charles Chislett each collected one hit to lead Eastern Athletics.


Southern Mariners tallied 11 hits in the game. Zach Dunkley and Mitchell Langworthy all managed multiple hits for Southern MarinersSouthern Mariners didn't commit a single error in the field. Liam Bald had the most chances in the field with six.


Little League Development

Game 6 – Diamond 3 9:15am Southern Mariners v Geelong Baycats 15 - 0


Southern Mariners take the win 15-0 over Geelong Baycats


Matt Fielden from Southern Mariners threw an absolute ripper of a game, starting and finishing the game while allowing only four batters to get on base with no runs scored throughout the game's three innings.

The entire Southern Mariners team had a brilliant game, winning in style with their big bats doing the trick. The Mariners took the lead in the bottom of the second inning with five runs from Matt Fielden, Sunny Fontana, Jarvis Johansen, Hunter Richardson and Parker Schutt.


In the second inning, Jack Northfield starts pitching for Geelong Baycats. Southern Mariners score 5 runs from Matt Fielden, Jarvis Johansen, Liam Hough, Sunny Fontana and Hunter Richardson.


Matt Fielden starts pitching for Southern Mariners in the top of the third inning, letting Huga Turnely from Geelong Baycats walk and striking out 3 batters; Allistaire Lang, Jack Northfield and Tylah Laurie.


In the bottom of the last inning, Southern Mariners scored another 5 runs from Harrison Maddaford, Miller Leech, Sunny F, Joe Lewis and Jake Bertucci. Leading the Southern Mariners to victory with a huge 15-0 win against Geelong Baycats.

Game 7 – Diamond 5 9:15am Sunraysia v Eastern Athletics 13-18


Eastern Athletics Takes Victory In High-Scoring Game Over Sunraysia


There were runs aplenty on Saturday, as Eastern Athletics defeated Sunraysia 18-13. Sunraysia fired up the offense in the first inning, when Sunraysia scored one run on a stolen base.


Eastern Athletics put up five runs in the second inning. Eastern Athletics batters contributing to the big inning included Zane Templeton, Paul SMinsung Shin, Campbell Dawes, and Noah Prountzos, all driving in runs in the inning. Sunraysia scored five runs in the fourth inning. Sunraysia offense in the inning was led by Matthew WDiesel Fallon, Darcy Phemister, and Stella Mobbs, all knocking in runs in the inning.


Minsung Shin led things off on the mound for Eastern Athletics. He surrendered one run on one hit over one inning, striking out one.


Darcy Phemister started the game for Sunraysia. He allowed nine hits and 11 runs over two-thirds of an inning, striking out one. Benji Hayes and Matthew W entered the game from the bullpen, throwing one and one-third innings and two-thirds of an inning respectively.


Eastern Athletics hit two home runs on the day. Declan Marshall had a dinger in the fourth inning. Albie Thornton-court went deep in the first inning.


Eastern Athletics collected 16 hits on the day. Harvey Arifovic, Donantony Boulter, Declan Marshall, and Zane Templeton each had multiple hits for Eastern Athletics


Sunraysia tallied six hits. Benji Hayes, Oliver Hayes, and Lucas Currie all collected multiple hits for Sunraysia.


Sunraysia stole 31 bases during the game as six players stole more than one. Diesel led the way with six.



Game 8 – Diamond 3 12:15pm Twins v Geelong Baycats 18 - 7

Three Pitchers Work Together To Earn Victory For Twins Against Geelong Baycats In No-Hitter


Twins' three pitchers didn't allow a single hit, as Twins defeated Geelong Baycats 18-7 on Saturday. Windsor Breckenridge struck out Allistaire Lang to get the last out of the game. Windsor Breckenridge led Twins to victory by driving in five runs. He went 3-for-4 at the plate. Windsor Breckenridge drove in runs on a single in the second, a double in the third, and a double in the fourth.


In the first inning, Geelong Baycats got their offense started when Jack Baillargeon's wild pitch allowed one run to score for Geelong Baycats.


Twins pulled away for good with five runs in the second inning. In the second Ben Grady singled on a 1-2 count, scoring one run, Windsor Breckenridge singled on a 2-0 count, scoring one run, Sid Grimmer's wild pitch allowed one run to score for Twins, and Marshall Wortley singled on a 0-2 count, scoring two runs.


Twins tallied five runs in the fourth inning. Marshall Wortley and Windsor Breckenridge each had RBIs in the frame.


Jack Baillargeon led things off on the mound for Twins. He surrendered seven runs on zero hits over two-thirds of an inning, striking out two.


Sid Grimmer was on the hill for Geelong Baycats. He surrendered eight runs on eight hits over one and two-thirds innings, striking out three. Twins racked up 14 hits. Windsor Breckenridge , Jack Baillargeon, Ben Grady, and Marshall Wortley all managed multiple hits for Twins. Windsor Breckenridge went 3-for-4 at the plate to lead Twins in hits. Ben Grady led Twins with three stolen bases, as they ran wild on the base paths with 14 stolen bases.


Geelong Baycats tore up the base paths, as two players stole at least two bases. Luke Morrow led the way with three. Geelong Baycats was sure-handed and didn't commit a single error. Tylah Laurie made the most plays with three.


Game 9 – Diamond 5 12:15pm Sunraysia v Southern Mariners 0 - 10


Harrison Maddaford Throws No-Hitter As Southern Mariners Defeats Sunraysia


Harrison Maddaford was brilliant on the hill on Saturday, as he threw a no-hitter to lead Southern Mariners past Sunraysia 10-0.


Southern Mariners got things started in the first inning. Southern Mariners scored one run when Jarvis Johansen doubled. Southern Mariners scored five runs in the third inning. Southern Mariners' big bats in the inning were led by a single by Harrison Maddaford and a home run by Sunny Fontana.


Harrison Maddaford was on the hill for Southern Mariners. He lasted four innings, allowing zero hits and zero runs while striking out seven.


Zane Breewel was on the pitcher's mound for Sunraysia. He lasted one and two-thirds innings, allowing nine hits and ten runs.


Southern Mariners launched one home run on the day. Sunny Fontana had a homer in the third inning. Southern Mariners tallied nine hits. Miller Leech, Sunny Fontana, and Jarvis Johansen all managed multiple hits for Southern MarinersJarvis Johansen, Sunny Fontana, and Miller Leech each managed two hits to lead Southern Mariners.


Southern Mariners was sure-handed in the field and didn't commit a single error. Hunter Richardson had the most chances in the field with five.



Game 10 – Diamond 2 2:45pm Eastern Athletics v Twins 5 - 16


Little League Minor

Game 1 – Diamond 4 9:15am Southern Mariners White v Eastern Athletics Yellow 5 - 0


Southern Mariners White take on Eastern Athletics Yellow with a 5-point lead!


The game between Southern Mariners White and Eastern Athletics Yellow have kicked off with a five-point lead in the first inning.


Theodore Rutgers from Southern Mariners White helped the team with a strong pitch in the second inning, striking out Reiley Marshall from Eastern Athletics Yellow.


In a fast game, Southern Mariners White win against Eastern Athletics Yellow 5-0.


Game 2 – Diamond 7 9:15am Southern Mariners Blue v Eastern Athletics Green 0 - 1


Eastern Athletics Green start with a one-point lead over Southern Mariners


A low scoring game found Eastern Athletics Green taking the lead by one run at the end of the first inning.


The quick 40-minute game was short-lasted when Eastern Athletics Green scored the only run of the game. Resulting in a 0-1 lead over Southern Mariners Blue.


Well done to Eastern Athletics Green and good luck in your next game against Southern Mariners White!


Game 3 – Diamond 4 10:45am Eastern Athletics Green v Southern Mariner White 2 - 5


Southern Mariners White win with a Comeback in the Last Inning


A slow-paced game kicked off with neither team scoring in the first inning.


Eastern Athletics Green scored first with a 2-0 head start over Southern Mariners White at the top of the second inning.

The top of the third inning ended the game, with Southern Mariners White making a comeback, scoring 5 runs. Ending the game with a win for Southern Mariners White against Eastern Athletics Green 5-2.


Game 4 – Diamond 7 10:45am Eastern Athletics Yellow v Southern Mariners Blue 2 - 7


Southern Mariners Blue End with a 5 Point Lead Against Eastern Athletics Yellow


Southern Mariners Blue came out swinging, starting the game off with a 5-1 score against Eastern Athletics Yellow at the bottom of the first inning.


The game came to a quick end after the second inning, with Eastern Athletics Yellow scoring one more run and Southern Mariners Blue closing the game with a 7-2 win.


Game 5 – Diamond 4 1:00pm Eastern Athletics Green v Eastern Athletics Yellow 5 - 5


An Even Eastern Athletics Game


Eastern Athletics can sure give themselves a run for their money, with Eastern Athletics Green versing Eastern Athletics Yellow and tying with a score of 5-5.


Eastern Athletics Yellow started the game off strong with a 3-point lead in the top of the first inning.


By the end of the second inning, the game had come to a close, with Eastern Athletics Yellow scoring another 2 runs and Eastern Athletics Green catching up quickly with a total of 5 runs.


In a close match, Eastern Athletics Green and Yellow finish the game off nicely with a tie 5-5 between the two teams.


Game 6 – Diamond 7 1:00pm Southern Mariners White v Southern Mariners Blue 3 - 2


Winning Home Run for Southern Mariners White


A close game comes down to the last home run in the fourth inning. The Southern Mariners, White versus Blue game started off slow, with Southern Mariners Blue kicking off the first score 0-1 at the top of the first inning.

Southern Mariners White caught up and the bottom of the second inning, over taking Southern Mariners Blue and changing the score 2-1.


In a tight game, Southern Mariners Blue evened up the playing field by tying the score 2-2.


The third inning led to a victory for Southern Mariners White as they hit a Walk Off Home Run, with 2 errors from Southern Mariners Blue. Closing the game with a 3-2 win to Southern Mariners White over Southern Mariners Blue.


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