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2021 National Showcase Series - Victoria

The 2021 National Showcase Series – Victoria was held at Melbourne Ballpark from Tuesday, 5 January – Wednesday, 13 January 2021. This local event replaced the cancelled 2021 Australian Youth Championship and featured a showcase and underage tournament, giving athletes extensive high performance and development opportunities with exposure to college and professional scouts.

Similarly to the traditional AYC tournament, the Victorian event included the Under 16 and Under 18 age brackets with a combination of showcasing and a series of games.

“It was exciting to bring this new AYC format to Victoria in 2021 following an eventful year,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “While we had to make adjustments along with other states and territories, we created a challenging and memorable experience for Victorian baseballers who would typically be playing in the Australian Youth Championship.”

The National Showcase Series – Victoria included:

1. Local Showcase

Tuesday 5 and Wednesday, 6 January 2021

Players participated in a showcase for data collection and scouting purposes. The showcase format and data collection was coordinated nationally with all players across Australia participating in the standardised event.

2. Local Underage Tournament

Two teams in both the Under 16 and Under 18 age brackets competed in a 7 game series from Thursday, 7 January – Wednesday, 13 January 2021.

Final standings:

U16 Mosquitoes: 5-4
U18 Hornets: 5-4
U16 Catalinas: 4-5
U18 Spitfires: 4-5
3. National Underage Squad Selection and National Program

The Under 16 and 18 National Junior Squads were selected from players who participated in the National Showcase Series.  17 Victorian athletes made the cut after strong performances at the 2021 National Showcase Series. Click HERE to view the entire life.

4. Baseball Victoria Aces Academy

The National Showcase Series – Victoria will be used as one component of player evaluation for potential invites to the 2021 Baseball Victoria Aces Academy.

Team Rosters

U18 SpitfireU18 HornetU16 MosquitoU16 Catalina
Darcy LongstaffAngus StalsHunter ArnelLiam Bald
Josh TribeJames LynchMatthew BellMatthew Butler
Ryan OthenJosh AshenAddison Bishop-WornWill Cavanagh
Finn WeichardCooper RickardCampbell EveryCharles Chislett
Kurtis SmithOtto MojoCooper DrummondZach Dunkley
Andrei Popa-SmithMatthew WestAshley Geary-SmithMax Saggers
Genevieve BeacomAlex JamesBen HowardHarrison Fitzgerald
Felix BrunnerKeeley Ronalds-GreatbatchMatthew LaveryMatthew Johnston
Jordan BaumanNick PartonEvan MauryShintaro Katon
Nick BertucciAdam JirikChris TsakoumakisRyan Langworthy
Angelo Reale-RontosSam SkinnerSpeedy OkudaLogan O'Brien
Bronson NeaveCharlie PiersonJack RatcliffeMacks Powell
Travis FinneyCharlie CollinsHarper RickardTaran Rose
Tom BrookesPhoenix BeckMaxton SherryMitchell Denny
Joel PrpicBrody StokoeLachie SmithNoah Scott
Nathan SmithTahj RousellTanner StackDeclan Spiers
Ned HargreavesMcleod SellCooper TippingJames Squire
Blake HoldingKynan JonesRyan WilliamsDarcy Stack
Marcus GrahamJaycob PascuzziBailey WilsonNoah Toplis
Charlie O'ConnellMarshall HansenDaniel YanleeThomas Yuile
Marshall SkinnerBen LauxScott MeagerChris Rickard
Hayden GodboldDavid HargreavesPhil NorthfieldSimon Ratcliffe
 Cooper CarrisonAndy RoseNeil Southwell
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