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2023/24 VSBL Season Award Winners

Baseball Victoria
31 March 2024

Thank you to everyone who took part in the 2023/24 VSBL season. Our beloved game wouldn’t be possible without dedicated players, coaches, umpires, scorers, volunteers, groundskeepers and clubs. Best of luck to everyone taking part in winter ball and we look forward to seeing you again next summer!

Congratulations to all our VSBL Premiers and well done to the runner-up teams on their great work this season! Check out all the winners HERE and rewatch Premier League Grand Final Livestreams on Facebook.

A special congratulations to our VSBL Award Winners for their outstanding performances this season!

Premier League Major

  • MVP Premier League George Heron Medal: Dennis Neale (Williamstown)
  • MVP Premier League Reserves: Sean Meldrum (Upwey Ferntree Gully)
  • MVP Premier League Thirds: Josh Bydak (Sandringham)
  • MVP Premier League Fourths: Hayden Maybury (Essendon)
  • Premier League Firsts Pitching Award - Harry Douglas Memorial Trophy: Jarrod Turner 1.62 ERA (Upwey Ferntree Gully)
  • Premier League Firsts Batting Average Award: Ben Leslie .481 (Blackburn)
  • Premier League Firsts Home Run Award: Jamie Young (Sunshine) and Liam Evans (Waverley) both with 8 HRs

Premier League Minor

  • MVP Premier League Minor Firsts: David Tongue (Newport)
  • MVP Premier League Minor Reserves: Mitchell Langworthy (Moorabbin)
  • MVP Premier Minor Thirds Most Valuable Player Ayden Ham (Newport)
  • MVP Premier Minor Fourths Most Valuable Player Adrian Fielden (Moorabbin)
  • Premier Minor Firsts Pitching Award: David Tongue 1.88 ERA (Newport)
  • Premier Minor Firsts Batting Average Award: Ryan Dale .416 (Malvern)
  • Premier Minor Firsts Home Run Award: Chris Burke 6 HRs (Malvern)

Women's Premier League

  • MVP Women's Premier League Firsts: Sawa Kashizaki (Springvale)
  • MVP Women's Premier League Reserves: Erin Collis (Doncaster)
  • Women's Premier Firsts Pitching Award: Sawa Kashizaki .52 ERA (Springvale)
  • Women's Premier Firsts Batting Average Award: Shae Lillywhite .596 (Springvale)

State League

  • MVP State League Robert Hindson Medal: Addison Bishop-Worn (Werribee)
  • MVP State League Reserves: Aaron Toporek (St Kilda)
  • State League Firsts Home Run Award: Matthew Wilson 6 HRs (Bonbeach)
  • State League Firsts Pitching Award: Maxwell Storch 1.34 ERA (Ormond Glenhuntly)
  • State League Firsts Batting Average Award: David Henderson .536 (Ormond Glenhuntly)

Metro Minor

  • MVP Metro Major 1: Russell Ferguson (Cheltenham)
  • MVP Metro Minor 1: Jordan Costa (St Kilda)
  • MVP Metro Major 2: Joel Bouker (Bonbeach)
  • MVP Metro Minor 2: Benjamin Schreuder (Bonbeach)

 Regional Metro

  • MVP Regional Metro North: Andy Karp (North Coburg)
  • MVP Regional Metro South: Scott Baillie (Springvale)
  • MVP Regional Metro West: Leigh Trezise (Alfredton)
  • MVP Regional Metro East: Grove Galigan (Research Lower Plenty)

Women's State & Metro League

  • MVP Women's State League: Nicole Huber (Port Melbourne)
  • MVP Women's Metro South Alexis Smith (Waverley)
  • MVP Women's Metro North/West Saya Turnley (Geelong)


  • MVP Masters 38+ East: John Giffen (Blackburn)
  • MVP Masters 38+ North/West: David Ninnis (Newport)
  • MVP Masters 38+ South: Stuart Adam (Sandringham)
  • MVP Masters 45+: Russell Hodgson (Blackburn)

Recognition Awards

  • Volunteer of the Year: Patrick White – Blackburn
  • Coach of the Year: Adam Bright – Waverley
  • Umpire of the Year: Denis Dalzotto

Club Championships

  • Premier League Club Champion: Upwey Ferntree Gully
  • State League Club Champion: St Kilda
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