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07 June 2016

In the midst of an exciting growth phase which includes promotion to Division 2 of Baseball Victoria Summer League, a strong focus on junior development and improvements in its already outstanding facilities, Ballarat City Brewers Baseball Club is currently seeking a Club Coach to lead the club in the 2016/17 BVSL season.


The executive and committee of the Ballarat City Baseball Club view the Club Coach as a critical position not just for stimulating playing success and the ongoing development of players, but also to assist with creation of a strong club culture, the promotion of baseball locally and the development of initiatives to ensure the long term success of our 85-year-old club.


The Club Coach will be among key leadership figures within the club to drive positive change and attitude amongst members, to stimulate growth and prosperity, and ensure success on and off the field. As a club leader, the Club Coach responsibilities will promote the development of members into more productive and successful people (both within the club and outside it), while seeking to help build the club into one that others aspire to be like. 


The role also involves promotion and marketing of the club to attract members and create a positive reflection of our club and the sport in the region. Ultimately, the club is looking for a leadership figure to assist in growing the playing capabilities, membership base and club infrastructure to secure promotion to Division 1 of Victorian Summer Baseball League in coming years.


With a population of 100,000 people to draw upon, Ballarat City Brewers have a far greater opportunity per capita than even metropolitan clubs to attract members and supporters. We will never be the biggest club in the state, but our vision is to be the best, the most professional, the most successful and the most aspirational club in the state.


The history of baseball in Ballarat is rich, and whilst this golden era started slipping away 10-15 years ago, our immediate challenge is to return both our club and our sport to its halcyon days and beyond.


The Club Coach will be afforded the maximum possible support, both from the committee and in the form of assistant coaches, specialist coaches, training coaches and team managers. Subject to discussions with the successful candidate, we are planning to appoint two Assistant Coaches, Team Managers and a Training Co-ordinator to support the Club Coach.


A brief outline of the key responsibilities of the Club Coach is below:


Game day team management, strategy and leadership of the Division 2 firsts team

Input into the appointment of coaches across all grades, along with assistant and specialist coaches

An active game day interest (wherever practical) in the Division 2 seconds team

Facilitation and co-ordination of club training – minimum of once weekly

A lead role in club selection meetings

Facilitation of junior clinics and other activities to support the club development program, along with an active role in coaching and mentoring junior players (wherever practical)

Conducting a mentoring program for the ‘next generation’ of club leaders

Attendance at all club functions and events

A proactive role in the marketing and promotion of the club, including availability for marketing opportunities/events and accessibility to the media

Assistance in liaising with governing bodies to secure support, funding and resources for the development of baseball in the Ballarat region      

Input into the long-term plan and strategic direction of the club

Assistance in seeking and delivering value/exposure for club sponsors


A remuneration package is negotiable based on skills and experience.


For more information or to express your interest, please contact Club President Daniel Chetcuti on 0422 972 751 or via email





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