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Baseball Victoria Board Announcement

Baseball Victoria
04 February 2015


Baseball Victoria would like to announce that the Baseball Victoria Board has appointed Myles Foreman as President of the Board with immediate effect.


Myles succeeds Clayton Crameri who, after 6 years on the Board retires at the conclusion of his current term.


Myles joined the Baseball Victoria Board in September 2013 and has served as Association Secretary and held the Directors portfolio of Membership Services.


On behalf of the Baseball Victoria Board and the Victorian Baseball Community I express our gratitude to Clayton for his dedication to the game of Baseball over an extended period of time, most recently as President of the Board. Clayton, like all of the Board Members and many others across our Associations and Clubs are volunteers who give of their time willingly to better the game of Baseball”.


The Board also resolved at the same meeting to adopt the 2015 Business Plan which set amongst other elements a clear Objective for Baseball Victoria being:


“In order to provide every Victorian the opportunity to participate in the Victorian Baseball Community, Baseball Victoria will provide leadership, infrastructure,  systems and resources which encourage and support a collaborative commitment  across, BA, ABL, Aces, Government, Clubs, Associations, Players and Volunteers”.


Commenting on his appointment Myles said; “A clear plan for the next 12 months has been adopted which ensures the foundations of Baseball Victoria’s service delivery and key projects are clear and measurable. We have a Board with a diverse range of Baseball and non-Baseball skills and experience, as well as a team in the Baseball Victoria office that are committed and passionate about Baseball. Most importantly we have a Baseball Community who care about the game and want to see it succeed and grow. With the plan in place and steps in place to ensure its delivery, Baseball Victoria will focus on ensuring further collaboration between all members and stakeholders to better the great game of Baseball across all age groups, skills and aspirations”.

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