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Baseball Victoria COVID-19 Update 22 November 2020

Baseball Victoria
22 November 2020

Following announcements made by Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews on the further easing of restrictions, Baseball Victoria is working to confirm the details on how this will affect our upcoming summer season.

An updated Return to Play COVIDSafe Plan has been created today and can be accessed HERE. We expect detailed clarification within this plan in the coming days.

We will take these changes into account when making any final adjustments to the VSBL fixtures before releasing the schedule for the upcoming season tomorrow on Monday, 23 November 2020.

In summary, the easing of restrictions announced today allows for a full return to contact training and play, which will allow for full groups at training (up to 50 people at a time), which can include practice matches.

All players, coaches and volunteers need to register to train as Baseball Victoria and our clubs continue to gather the necessary information for contact tracing. All players attending training and next playing in matches will continue to be recorded.

“After months of dedicated efforts and numerous changes, we are pleased to be so close to the start of our summer season,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “Victorian baseballers have been very patient waiting for the time when baseball is back. We remain committed to our goal of offering an exciting competition as we navigate our new COVID normal and adhere to strict safety standards throughout the summer. Thank you to our VSBL clubs and the entire Victorian baseball community for all their hard work to make baseball safe."

As a reminder, all VSBL clubs that have returned to training with council approval must maintain confirmed registration of all attendees. Players and coaches must register to return to training HERE.

Our At-Home Baseball Training: Drills and Exercises for the COVID-19 Break and Ramp Up to Play series feature training exercises for those who wish to continue their solo training for now. Click HERE to check out these training videos.

We will continue to provide updates accordingly and wish to remind all members to register for the return to training if they haven’t already so we can have a safe and successful return to activity.

Click HERE to register with your club and view registration resources for new and returning members HERE.

Click HERE for more Victorian Government COVID-19 resources.

Click HERE to view our frequently asked questions, which are regularly updated with answers regarding the VSBL season, National Showcase Series – Victoria, COVID safe protocols and more.

We encourage our members to stay in touch with one another and prioritise their mental health. Click HERE for mental health resources.

To view the outline on the easing of restrictions provided by the Victorian Government, click HERE.  

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