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Baseball Victoria COVID-19 Update – 22 October 2021

Baseball Victoria
22 October 2021

Victoria has surpassed the 70 percent double dose vaccination target with metropolitan Melbourne and Mildura enjoying greater freedoms on the first day out of lockdown. Baseball Victoria acknowledges many clubs are eager to get back on the field, however we must follow all Victorian Government directions and we, alongside many other community sport organisations, need additional clarifications before we can finalise our COVIDSafe plan so clubs can get council approval for training.

As part of Victoria’s Roadmap to Deliver the National Plan, the changes now in effect across metropolitan Melbourne and Mildura include:

  • Reasons to leave home and curfew no longer in place.
  • 10 people including dependents can visit your home per day.
  • Pubs, clubs, and entertainment venues can open to 20 fully vaccinated people indoors and 50 outdoors.
  • 15 people can gather outdoors, community sport training returns for the minimum required to hold training.

Although Baseball Victoria is awaiting clarification from the Victorian Government to confirm our COVIDSafe plan for the full return to training, the following details have been confirmed for the return to outdoor community sport training in metropolitan Melbourne:

  • Community sport training is outdoors only as indoor facilities including changerooms and covered batting tunnels remain closed. Participants can only go inside to use the toilets.
  • Confirmation of vaccination status is not required at this stage, meaning participants can attend regardless of if they are vaccinated.
  • Baseball Victoria clubs must comply with CHO directions and any additional directions of your landowners.

This limited return to training is for the minimum required only, with up to 20 people, including necessary coaches or administration staff. Two groups of 20 people can train on the same baseball field if they remain separated for the entire training session. These same settings remain in place for regional Victoria. Travel between regional Victoria and metropolitan Melbourne is restricted to permitted reasons only, so traveling between regional and metro for community sport is not allowed.

Baseball Victoria follows Victorian Government COVIDSafe Settings, and all clubs must adhere to social distancing and personal hygiene measures throughout the return to training.

The Victorian Government has released updated CHO COVID-19 Mandatory Vaccination (Workers) Directions confirming there is an exemption for community sport volunteers so while vaccination is strongly recommended, it is not required.

This easing of restrictions allows clubs to start training for the 2021/22 VSBL season, estimated to start on 13-14 November 2021. Baseball Victoria Aces Academy will also resume in-person training this weekend under the eased restrictions.

Please note masks will still be required both indoors and outdoors for all Victorians, and Service Victoria QR code check-ins are also required for businesses, including community sport organisations. Clubs must maintain an attendance register and COVID-19 restriction compliance documentation.

All clubs need council approval to access their facilities and return to training. We have opened the return to training registration, which all participants must complete before training.

“We are excited about lockdown ending and know this is something Victorians worked so hard for. We are looking forward to our return to training and we are hopeful of starting the 2021/22 VSBL season in just a few weeks,” Baseball Victoria Interim CEO Gemma Scales said. “As we await further clarification to confirm our full return to training COVIDSafe plan, we hope Melbourne baseballers have a great first weekend out of lockdown. Meanwhile, we will continue to follow all Victorian Government guidelines and will provide further updates as restrictions change, so hopefully we can all be back to baseball soon.”

According to our key roadmap milestones and meeting the 70% vaccination target early, we are on track for a 13 November VSBL start date. As a reminder, below are the milestones we need to reach to get the VSBL season up and running:

  • 26-29 October - 70% of eligible Victorians fully vaccinated (target reached 21 October)
    • Yes: return to training commences with 13 November start date
    • No: shift to 4 December start date with a delayed return to training
  • 5 November – 80% of eligible Victorians fully vaccinated
    • Yes: proceed with 13 November start date
    • No: training may commence with 4 December start date, or if there is still no training, push back to a January VSBL start

Baseball Victoria continues to monitor updates from Vicsport and Sport & Recreation Victoria on the COVIDSafe measures required to resume community sport training and play. An updated version of the Baseball Victoria Return to Play COVIDSafe Plan will be made available once final details are confirmed by the government.

To read the Premier’s latest announcements, click HERE.

To track Victoria’s progress toward vaccination targets and view COVID resources, click HERE.

COVID-19 vaccines are currently available for all Victorians aged 12 years and over. Getting vaccinated helps protect you from getting sick with COVID-19. The vaccines being used in Australia are safe, free, and very effective at preventing serious illness and loss of life from COVID-19.

Click HERE to book your vaccine appointment.

You can download your vaccination certificate to the Service Victoria check-in app. Click HERE for more details.

It remains very important that Victorians monitor for symptoms, get tested, and get vaccinated when eligible.

To stop the spread, everyone should check this list of exposure sites and isolate, monitor for symptoms, and get tested as directed.

If you have been to an exposure site, are a close contact of a confirmed case, or exhibit any symptoms of COVID-19 – such as fever, cough, sore throat, runny nose, chills or sweats, or change in sense of smell or taste – get a test immediately. Find out where to get tested HERE.

Stay safe by washing your hands regularly, wearing a face mask, coughing and sneezing into your elbow, and keeping at least 1.5 metres from others. If you have any symptoms of COVID-19, no matter how mild, you must get tested and stay home.

Click HERE to view our frequently asked questions.

Click HERE to view all COVID resources, including the Baseball Victoria Return to Play COVIDSafe Plan, which will be updated with further clarification from the government.

We encourage our members to stay connected and prioritise their mental health. Please view mental health resources on our website HERE, including information from Beyond Blue, Headspace, Kids Helpline, Lifeline, and R U OK?

To view more COVID-19 resources from the Victorian Government, click HERE.

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