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Baseball Victoria Update on Facebook News Ban

Baseball Victoria
18 February 2021

Social media platform Facebook has made changes in Australia today, removing the ability to read and share news content for all Australian users and publishers.

These changes appear to have affected numerous sporting organisation and club Facebook pages that share information. For example, the Baseball Victoria and Victorian Summer Baseball League pages are still visible, but you can no longer see anytime we have posted a link to a news article or page on our website. Photos, videos, text-only posts, and some shared posts remain visible.

If you are experiencing problems with your club Facebook page, or you have lost all access or posts, please advise us by emailing  We have reached out directly to the pages we see are impacted and unable to post at all.  

We are actively working with other states and territories to ensure all baseball clubs have the ability to share information.

In the meantime, Baseball Victoria will share images with a link to our website in the text caption and suggest clubs can try the same.

We also recommend several alternative platforms for member communication in addition to club websites such as email, TeamApp, Instagram, Twitter, and MailChimp, as well as using your contact lists available via SportsTG. If you need any assistance running reports or communicating via these platforms, please reach out. 

Please click HERE to view the Baseball Victoria media page with links to all of our platforms.

Please contact us with any concerns or questions. 

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