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Baseball Victoria Update to VSBL Finals Schedule

Baseball Victoria
12 March 2021

This post was updated at 6:00pm on Friday, 12 March 2021.

Baseball Victoria, having given consideration to feedback from clubs, has elected to revise the schedule for VSBL Finals held this weekend to apply historical precedent for hosting all women’s final games at the same time as regular season games. 

The updated scheduled includes:

  • Women’s Division One: Essendon* versus Springvale @ 3.30pm at Essendon, Diamond Two
  • Women’s Division One: Doncaster* versus Newport @ 11.30am at Doncaster (updated from earlier today at the request of participating clubs)
  • Women’s Division Three East: Moorabbin* versus Sandringham @ 12:00pm at Moorabbin (one hour later than the original schedule, same location)
  • Division Two Firsts: Moorabbin* versus Ormond Glenhuntly @ 2:30pm at Moorabbin (30 minutes later than the original schedule, same location)

In conjunction with the host clubs, and in consideration of appropriate feedback from players, the original fixture has been altered to reflect that the time the game is scheduled is more important than the diamond/location at which the game is scheduled. It was the original intent of Baseball Victoria to showcase all games on the highest quality diamond available, which was agreed with host clubs. 

The Victorian Summer Baseball League hybrid season includes a finals schedule for all members that allows the most amount of people to play the greatest number of games. When scheduling finals this week, several clubs indicated they wished to run back-to-back games on a main diamond to showcase their club’s teams, however this alters game start times. 

For a full updated listing of games across this weekend click HERE

*indicates home team

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