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Baseball Victoria Welcomes Craig Haydock as Club and Competitions Manager

Baseball Victoria
28 September 2020

Baseball Victoria is pleased to share Craig Haydock is stepping into the role of Club and Competitions Manager.

This management position is the evolution of several roles and focuses on servicing clubs to provide adequate support and resources, especially during these difficult times. Craig will ensure all Baseball Victoria competitions, including the Victorian Summer Baseball League (VSBL), charters and winter tournaments, can be run professionally and offer excellent opportunities for athletes at every level.

Craig has a long history of sporting roles and most recently served as State Director of Badminton Victoria for four years. He previously held the role of Operations Manager at Jets Gymnastics Australia from 2011-2016 and also worked as an Account Manager at Innovation & Business Skills Australia and Acting State Administrator at Badminton Victoria. Craig’s years of dedicated service in the sporting industry make him well-prepared to support grassroots Victorian baseball, especially as we look to commence a return to baseball in the coming months.

Baseball Victoria welcomes Craig to the team and looks forward to an exciting future for Victorian baseball.

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