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New Director Appointment

Baseball Victoria
14 October 2014

I am pleased to announce the appointment of James van Beek to the Baseball Victoria Board. James brings an impressive 12+ year record of success in financial management and elevating operational efficiency in high level professional sporting organisations.

James’ experience encompasses strategic planning and operational implementation
in two AFL clubs as well as the racing and wagering industry. In addition his background also includes international experience in a publicly listed merchandising company, incorporating complex stakeholder management with an imperative to deliver profitable results.

Further to a comprehensive financial background, James has an a proven understanding and insight into sponsorship, membership, events and hospitality sectors, the benefits of community engagement and the interactions between business functions to drive commercial success.

James will take responsibility for the Finance Portfolio as well as heading the Audit Sub Committee.

The Board will be seeking formal ratification of James’ appointment at the Annual General Meeting.

Your Sincerely


Clayton Crameri

President & Chairman

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