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NSR and Baseball Victoria Partner

Baseball Victoria
27 February 2015

Baseball Victoria is excited to announce a new partnership with NSR Australia.

NSR Australia specialise in obtaining Sports Scholarships to US Colleges and Universities and is an international division of National Scouting Report of America, which is the oldest and largest college athletic scouting and recruiting organization in the world.  

“Many of our young Victorian players have set themselves the goal of studying and playing baseball at a US College or University. The partnership with NSR Australia provides players and families with assistance to pursue this pathway”. - President of Baseball Victoria, Myles Foreman.

NSR Australia is recognised as the world's leading recruiting company with a proven track record in Australia for over 8 years now. 

Baseball Victoria now joins a host of sporting associations around Australia and New Zealand that endorse and support this fantastic opportunity designed to give boys the chance to be full-time athletes as well as pursuing full-time College and University academic programs in the USA.

“Partnering with NSR Australia does not exclude any family from pursuing studying and playing in the US directly with Colleges and Universities. Rather, NSR Australia provides families seeking assistance with assistance”. – CEO or Baseball Victoria, Neale Price

In conjunction with NSR Australia, Baseball Victoria will be coordinating a Talent ID day at Melbourne Ballpark on Sunday 29 March 2015 9.00am – 11.30am. All Male baseball players of all levels who are aged between 15-19 years old will receive an invitation to register their interest for the Talent ID day. Players in this age group please keep an eye out for information on this day, which will be sent to you directly.

“We are delighted to partner with Baseball Victoria who has shown great initiative and care for their members by providing such incredible opportunities to study and play baseball at an American institution.” –CEO of NSR Australia, Marco Maisano.   

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