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Pennant Committee voting has now commenced.

Baseball Victoria
28 May 2018

Voting has now commenced for three available positions on the Victorian Summer Baseball League Pennant Committee (VSBLPC). Voting is open to all VSBL Presidents or his/her appointed nominee (one vote per club), as per the VSBLPC Terms of Reference recently adopted by the BV Board. Voters are encouraged to vote for the three nominees they think will best represent the interests of the Summer baseball community.

The strength of the candidates has been nothing short of remarkable and it is with great honour that we provide the BV community with the following list of nominees:

 John King

Greg Street

Terry Fitzgerald

Gavin Young

David Keyhoe

Jason Blair

Jake Cole-Sinclair

Dwain Richardson

The voting will close at 5pm on Friday, the 1st of June. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact your best VSBL club representative.

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