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Retirement of Baseball Victoria Director Geoff Pearce

Baseball Victoria
06 March 2018


Retirement of Baseball Victoria Director 

Geoff Pearce 



At the conclusion of the Annual General Meeting of Baseball Victoria held recently, Baseball Victoria Director Geoff Pearce retired from the Board of Baseball Victoria.

Geoff has a long involvement with baseball including as the owner of the Melbourne Reds a team in the original Australian Baseball League. In 1999 he joined the Australian Baseball Federation Board becoming President in 2006 and serving until 2012. He was also a Director of the Australian Baseball League until 2015 when he joined the Board of Baseball Victoria. 

Upon joining the Board of Baseball Victoria Geoff assumed the High Performance and Facilities portfolio. In this capacity he joined the Committee of Management which manages the Melbourne Ballpark on behalf of the Victorian State Government. 

Few have made the contribution to State and National Baseball that Geoff Pearce has made over many years. His clear and concise counsel and sharing of knowledge and experience will be missed by the Board of Baseball Victoria and Baseball Victoria Management. On behalf of the Victoria Baseball Community I thank Geoff for his service and for his lasting and positive contributions to the sport of Baseball” said Myles Foreman – President of Baseball Victoria.

Geoff will not be lost to National and State Baseball with Geoff continuing to play a significant role in baseball as the Chair of the Melbourne Ballpark Committee of Management. With the Baseball Victoria Office moving to Melbourne Ballpark shortly and plans for expanded use of the facility Victorian Baseball Geoff’s continued involvement is great news for Baseball.  

We look forward to acknowledging and honouring Geoff Pearce at the upcoming Baseball Victoria Award Night.

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