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Springvale win inaugural award

Baseball Victoria
17 March 2017

The Inclusion Club of the Year Award is awarded to the Club that has both shown initiative and passion towards making our game inclusive for everyone and Springvale Baseball Club have won the award for many years of work and dedication to the women’s game.

For a long period of time, the Springvale Baseball Club have been the leaders in inclusion. For a number of years now Springvale have consistently entered three women’s teams into the Victorian Summer Baseball League, have the highest number of female participants and have had one of the most successful women’s programs which among other things, included having all three teams play off in Grand Finals this season. Their Division 1 Women’s team also recently broke their own record, winning a fifth consecutive Division 1 Championship. 

The success of the women’s program at Springvale has long been a strength of the Club and the basis for their recognition tonight. Springvale Baseball Club have also been the key drivers behind the Greater Melbourne Women’s Friendship Tournament with the Tournament’s objective being to provide development opportunities for up and coming female players in tournament style play. All profits from the Women’s Friendship Tournament go towards supporting Australian women’s baseball teams with this year’s tournament attracting players from around the country, including a number of current and former Australian players who volunteered their time to run clinics to ensure the continued success of women’s baseball.

Away from the field, Springvale have 40% female representation on their Board and have always promoted themselves as an inclusive club for all members.  

There is a healthy respect for all who play the game at Springvale. No matter your age, background, gender, or skill level, Springvale Baseball Club is an environment where everyone can thrive. 

Congratulations Springvale Baseball Club, a worthy recipient of the inaugural Inclusion Club of the Year Award.  

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