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Vale - Jack Wadsworth

Baseball Victoria
19 June 2014

It's with great sadness that we announce the passing of a legend of the game, Jack Wadsworth.

Jack had a resounding love for the game of baseball and his faithful loyalty for the club he loved at Malvern. He finally hung up his cleats in his Eighties and was a fierce competitor who believed in playing and living with heart.

Jack achieved much in his time at Malvern, both on and off the field with highlights including:

Amongst all of his achievements, Malvern Baseball Club have recognised Jack as one of the greatest coaches, players and personalities in their clubs 116 year history.

Jack, as we take to Wadsworth Field, the one that proudly carries your name, we will be listening out for yet another
"Go get 'em."

Baseball Victoria wishes to pass on its condolences to Jack's family, friends and the Malvern Baseball Club.

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