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Vale Richard Legge

Baseball Victoria
14 February 2020

Baseball Victoria is saddened to learn of the passing of Richard Legge, a longstanding member of the Victorian baseball community who served on the Victorian Baseball Association Pennant Committee for many years.

Richard was a founding member of Westgarth Baseball Club, which he helped established in the 1950s. He held many committee roles and was a well-known leader at Westgarth as he promoted the sport alongside his family and friends. He played over 400 games for Westgarth, winning four premierships out of five attempts before going on to coach for many years. The trophy for the most talented emerging junior at Westgarth is called the Richard Legge Rising Star Award in his honor.

Richard published a book on the history of Westgarth Baseball Club several years ago, showcasing his tireless dedication and love for his club and the local baseball community. 

Richard was also a member of Preston Baseball Club, often attending VSBL games in support of his children and grandchildren. 

Richard is survived by his family, who continue to be active participants in the baseball community, and we pass on our condolences to his loved ones. 

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