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Victoria Announced as One of Four Provisional License Holders for Australian Women’s Baseball League

Baseball Victoria
24 October 2019

Baseball Victoria is one of four organisations that have been granted provisional licenses for the inaugural season of a professional women’s baseball league in Australia.

Baseball Victoria joins the Adelaide Giants, Brisbane Bandits and Canberra Cavalry as provisional license holders following a detailed submission process.  

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All four organisations will play a key role in the design and construction of the league’s format moving forward, with the first meeting set to occur under Baseball Australia’s direction this year.

“Baseball Victoria took on this opportunity to ensure Victorian women have a voice in shaping a professional women’s league. This is the chance to explore what having a women’s league could look like for Victoria, and what these possibilities could mean for our female athletes,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “We will continue to prioritise the best interests of Victorian girls and women as we look further into the prospect of the professional women’s league.”

Baseball Victoria is still in the process of establishing how teams will be selected and coached, as well as the resources provided to these teams to ensure that our women have everything that they need to succeed as professional athletes. This announcement is our opportunity to tell Victorian women that we are starting the process. We will be engaging with the baseball community, current and past players, to ensure we are representing a comprehensive range of opinions when sitting at the national table.

Baseball Victoria will continue to work closely with Baseball Australia and the other organisations to progress plans that create exceptional opportunities for women in baseball. Further details including a schedule, rules, format and selection process of the inaugural women’s season are expected to be announced following the upcoming Australian Women’s Championships from 10-17 April 2020 in Canberra.

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