Victorian Government Announces Crucial Funding for Sport

Baseball Victoria
13 May 2020

The Victorian Government announced $150 million in funding for sport, tourism and creative industries across the state.

The Experience Economy Survival Package unveiled today will support sporting clubs and competitions across the state – from grassroots to elite – as well as major tourist attractions, galleries, museums and the racing industry. This funding is designed to save jobs and ensure some of Victoria’s most beloved activities are accessible on the other side of the coronavirus pandemic.

Sport, tourism and arts generate nearly $70 billion to the Victorian economy and support hundreds of thousands of jobs, but they have been hit hard by measures to slow the spread of the virus and save lives.

The Experience Economy Survival Package will help these industries ride out the impacts of the pandemic and reboot, rebound and recover. There will be $40 million in funding for community sport and recreation bodies including state sporting associations, leagues and clubs, which will help as sports look to restart after the COVID-19 crisis.

This is welcome news for the Victorian Baseball community, with all baseball activity in the state shutdown since Tuesday, 17 March 2020.

“We are pleased to learn of the Victorian Government’s plans to boost funding for community sports in light of the COVID-19 pandemic,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “We know this funding has the potential to make a difference for our clubs and associations during challenging times. We look forward to learning more in the coming days on how this funding can be used to support our return to activity.”

Baseball Victoria anticipates there will be funding for leagues, competitions and clubs. The Victorian Government is constructing funding guidelines and eligibility now, and this information will be communicated to all those eligible as it becomes available.

Click HERE for the full release from the Victorian Government.

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