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Victorian Under 25 Second Stage

Baseball Victoria
13 August 2014


If selected in the final squad, below is the training schedule:

The costs associated for players selected will be confirmed once further details are received from Baseball Australia and must be paid by Friday 19 September 2014.

Should extenuating circumstances arise, a suitable payment plan can be negotiated with Baseball Victoria no later than Wednesday 3 September 2014. An increase of 10% will be applied if payment is not finalised by 19 September unless a payment plan is in place. All applications for a payment plan must be in writing and sent via email to Ashley Blair at

In the event of withdrawal from the State Program due to injury or other unforeseeable circumstances prior to  12 September 2014 a full refund will be provided.
However, for any withdrawals after this date, refunds will be determined by Baseball Victoria at the time of the withdrawal.

Please advise Ashley Blair at by Monday 25 August 2014 if you are interested and available to participate in this tournament.

The Championships will be hosted in Trinity Beach, Cairns from 29 September - 4 October 2014.

Baseball Australia has extended the age group from Under 23 to Under 25 based on feedback and a vision to provide further opportunity for players to represent their State.  Moving the Championships to September also allows this event to be open to players returning from professional  and college tenures in the US.

Both Baseball Australia and Baseball Victoria view this program as an integral step in a player’s pathway of development . This age group allows players that are developed and ones that may develop at a later age an extended opportunity to be at the forefront of scouts and officials involved with the Melbourne Aces, professional baseball and US college  programs and maximises opportunities for all levels of players.     

Please Note: This tournament will be used to selected the Under 21 Australian Team that will participate in the World Cup in November.

Kerry Gassner will again be the Head Coach of this program, with Dean Marnell and David Clarkson as his Assistant Coaches. 

For further information on this program please contact
Ashley Blair on 9645 8000 or
Kerry Gassner on 0418 137 690  or
Dean Marnell on 0425 771 997

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