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2018 MLB Australian Showcase

Baseball Victoria
26 June 2018

Major League Baseball (MLB), in partnership with Baseball Victoria and Baseball Australia are proud to announce that the 2018 Under 14 MLB Showcase will be returning to Melbourne.


After a very successful event in 2017, Baseball Victoria are looking forward to bringing the Showcase back to Melbourne Ballpark. 


The inclusion of the MLB Showcase in Australia is part of a continued effort from Major League Baseball to help grow the sport in Australia, particularly at a younger grass roots level. Participants must be turning 13 or 14, having been born in 2004 or 2005.


The Showcase involves a series of combine-style tests designed to measure participant’s various baseball tools, including running, hitting and throwing. The data will be collected and used to project a player’s aptitude for baseball and their potential for advancement.


It will then be tested against results from six other key baseball centers around the country, including locations in QLD, WA, NSW and ACT. This will help identify the best young talent from around Australia, from which players will be selected for a Major League Baseball Invitational in Lismore in August.


The Showcase also offers participants the chance to perform in front of prominent coaches and scouts. This type of exposure to some of the best baseball minds in the country is an exceptional opportunity, particularly for younger players enthusiastic to pursue a career in baseball.


You do not have to be a baseball player to attend this event, nor do you have to be a registered Baseball Victoria Member. BV would like to encourage any and all participants to join in as there are many skills integral to baseball that cross over into other sports.


Participation in the Showcase is free and players receive a souvenir MLB t-shirt.


Pre-registrations are mandatory for the MLB Australian Showcase. 

Please see the link below in order to register your interest;

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