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2019/20 VSBL Season: Division Three Round 18

The 2019/20 VSBL season will wrap up this weekend in exciting fashion for Division 3, with some big matchups setting the stage for a great end to the regular season ahead of finals. Springvale still has just the one loss for the season in the firsts, sitting safely at the top while the second and third spots are up for grabs and will be decided in the Pakenham and Ormond Glenhuntly Gold matchup this weekend. The reserves are in the same situation where the Lions lead the crop of teams while second and third could still change.

Division 3 Firsts

Chelsea Dolphins 15 v North Western Titans 10

After bringing the scores to an even 10-10, North Western let all that hard work slip at the top of the eighth as Chelsea scored five to take the lead once more, and then shut out the Titans at the bottom.

The lead changed a few times throughout the game after the teams were tied at two-apiece following the first inning. The Titans were ahead by one run once the second inning came to a close.

The Dolphins scored the next six runs, including four runs in the fourth, as the Titans secured two more to their total at he bottom. 

The fifth inning saw no score from either team but that scoring drought was broken in the sixth when Chelsea had two runners come home. North Western wasn't done yet, bringing four runs in at the bottom and tying the game with one more in the seventh.

The Titans came close to winning their fourth game of the season but couldn't quite bridge the gap, giving up too many scoring chances on walks. After losing a fourth straight game, North Western will end the season at home playing Ormond Glenhuntly Blue. Chelsea plays Springvale at home for round 19.

Springvale Lions 26 v Pakenham Pumas 1

This game was a far cry from the 3-2 pitcher's duel the week before that Springvale won over Ormond Glenhuntly Gold. 

Springvale started the game with an eight-run first inning and followed that up with six in the second and four in the third to lead 18-0 before Pakenham got on the board at the bottom of the third.

After that Pumas score, they didn't score again as the Lions had another big inning that saw them bring in seven runs before adding one more in the fifth. Things slowed down for both teams in the final two innings as Pakenham's reliever Sam Westhorpe quieted Springvale's busy bats. 

There were thirteen batters in the first inning alone, with Springvale recording four hits, four walks and a hit by pitch. Lucas Anderson got on base twice with hits and stole four bases in the first frame. The Pumas did get a great catch in lift field on a fly ball to curb any further damage in that inning. 

With Myles Barnden reliable as ever on the mound for Springvale, the Lions kept things moving. Mitchell Lording got an infield hit for Pakenham but that was about it. Tristian Hill and Martin Kennedy did their best to control Springvale on the mound, but the Lions were on a mission and it showed in every at-bat. 

The second inning saw the first five batters get on base, thanks to four hits and a walk. This included a Mark Richards double, a base hit from Barnden, a double by Rydge Hogan and Matt Cameron's single. Cycling through the lineup once more, Springvale just kept scoring. 

Barnden gave up just an unearned run due to an infield pop-up, and he struck out the final batter he faced before handing things over to Lucas Anderson. He gave up four hits and zero walks over four innings, denying Pakenham of the chance to get on base and put a dent in the deficit. 

Scott Baillie and Chris Davies led Springvale with four hits, while Lucas Anderson, Neal Cavanagh, Rydge Hogan and Matt Cameron all had three hits apiece. Myles Barnden, Mark Richards and Cory Hart contributed to Springvale's total of 23 hits.

Springvale is clearly in front with a 17-1 record, now on a six-game win streak after the only loss back in round 12. The Lions are eight wins difference from second place and take on Chelsea in the final game of the regular season as they look to ride their momentum further. 9-8-1 Pakenham plays 9-9 Ormond Glenhuntly Gold and will still need a win to keep second place.

Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 5 v Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 9

11 of the game's 14 runs came within the final two innings of this close contest.

Gold took an early 1-0 lead but Blue was ahead by one after the third inning finished.

The next four innings saw no movement on the scoreboard but Gold then added three to the score to take the lead back. But the moment was short-lived as Ormond Blue gathered six runs at the bottom before each team added one more each in the ninth.

Out of nine hits for the Blue team, three came off the bat of Brad Dolan. Geoff MacDonald hit his fifth double and fifth home run of the season. Tim Carracher, Jarrad Barrow, Jason Maxwell and Lachlan Eddington had hits as well. 

Dolan threw 7.1 innings, giving up four earned runs on four hits with 10 strikeouts, earning the win for his team. 

The win wad crucial for Ormond Blue, not only for bragging rights, but it keeps them within the top four with a 7-9-1 record while Ormond Gold is third at 9-9. 

Ormond Blue will look to win again this weekend against North Western Titans while Ormond Gold could move to second with a win over Pakenham.

Division 3 Reserves

Chelsea Dolphins 7 v North Western Titans 2

The Dolphins won their seventh game of the season but it's a case of too little, too late for the Dolphins as even if they win against Springvale this weekend, it won't be enough to enter the top four after a four-game losing streak.

The Titans will hope their first win can come against Ormond Blue. 

Springvale Lions 5 v Pakenham Pumas 4

Springvale almost gave up a five run lead but held on for the win. 

The Lions got the first run on the board in the second while scoring two runs in the fourth and sixth innings.

The Pumas first found a score at the bottom of the sixth when they scored one before they needed five to win at the bottom of the seventh. They unfortunately managed just three runs as they fell by one run. 

Pakenham will still be safe in fourth place, currently with a 7-9-2 record, but the Pumas would like a win against Ormond Glenhuntly Gold this weekend while the 15-3 Lions are away to Chelsea.

Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 4 v Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 21

A huge 13-run first inning to Ormond Blue went a long way in deciding this game as the Blue Hunters edged closer to the potential of making their way into the top two after this weekend.

Ormond Gold got two runs in the second and two in the fifth as Ormond Blue had two back-to-back four-run digs in between.

11-6-1 Ormond Blue can move into second with a win over North Western Titans while second place Ormond Gold takes on Pakenham at home.

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