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Tyler Comben Looks to Build on Solid Foundation at Newport

Baseball Victoria
18 February 2020

Pitcher Tyler Comben is a proud player at Newport Rams Baseball Club. He’s been there since his early t-ball days, and he’s supported the club through ups-and-downs, including relegation to VSBL Division 2 a few years ago and an important 2019/20 season back up in Division 1.

Although the Rams have faced their share of challenges this season against tough competitors, Tyler has remained dedicated to his beloved team and determined to go out there every week and do his best. Regardless of how far Newport went this year, his goals for the season were clear from the start. “Personally I would just like to perform and help the ball club,” Tyler said. “I spent a couple of years away at college and saw a big improvement with those programs, which did a lot of good and helped me compete.”

Heading overseas to play college ball at Dakota College at Bottineau was a highlight of Tyler’s baseball career, and there he learned a lot about the game and how to be a leader out on the field. Holding on to many takeaways from his college experience, Tyler returned home and put his skills to good use for the Rams.

Last season was an opportunity for Newport to regroup and rebuild, with the Rams set on getting back to, and hopefully staying in, VSBL Division 1. “We got our younger kids more experience at the senior level, and hopefully that translates in a higher grade,” Tyler said. “We have good team chemistry and morale.”

That undeniable sense of teamwork makes a difference, and so does Tyler’s obvious love of the game. “I can’t get enough of it. I’d play eight days a week if I could.” At the end of the day, Tyler has big goals for Newport and the broader Victorian baseball community. “I just want baseball to get more exposure. I want baseball to get bigger and hopefully that will happen soon.”

Tyler knows that this starts with encouraging others to get on the field, something he does often. “I say do it, take a leap of faith,” Tyler said. “You never know until you try something if you like it or not. If you think you could enjoy it, try it.”

With special memories of winning premierships alongside his dad in the winter season, Tyler hopes that one day similar success can be replicated in the summer season. “We have to expect a different level of competition,” Tyler said. “There’s new players at different teams, players have moved teams and it’s always going to be a high level of competition.”

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