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2019/20 VSBL Season: Division Three Round 19

The final regular season games wrapped up in exciting fashion for teams in VSBL Division 3 as now the semi-final matchups are set in stone. In the firsts, Springvale finished eight games ahead of the rest of the competition while Pakenham will also host a semi-final this weekend. Springvale also earned a home game in the seconds while it'll be an Ormond Glenhuntly classic in the other semi-final.

Division 3 Firsts

Springvale Lions 14 v Chelsea Dolphins 0

Springvale was unstoppable through nine innings for yet another shutout victory, ending Chelsea's season.

The Lions spaced out their flurry of runs, first scoring three in the opening frame before tacking on four in the fifth and two in the seventh. Springvale scored five additional runs in the ninth inning to end the game with a strong statement.

Lucas Anderson got the win on the mound, throwing three innings no-hit innings with two strikeouts and just one runner on base as the result of getting four balls. Scott Baillie (four innings, two hits, three strikeouts) and Tim Hanson (two innings, one hit, one strikeout) helped along the way.

On the bats for the Lions, most players recorded a hit but it was Rydge Hogan, Hanson and Baillie who had three each, two hits going to Cory Hart, Adam Thatcher and Neal Cavanagh as well. Again, most of the Springvale lineup scored runs also with Anderson leading the way with three as Baillie, Thatcher and Lili Cavanagh all scored twice. Hanson and Baillie lead the way with their RBIs with three apiece.

Gavin Smith was on the mound for the whole game for the Dolphins, giving up 18 hits and 12 earned runs among four walks as he took the loss against the competition's toughest competitor. 

Chelsea only had three hits for the game to Brendan Robinson, Cameron Hubbard and Smith as the former two also found their way on base via a walk.

Chelsea's season ends in fifth place with a 7-12 record, finding great form from rounds six to 10 when the Dolphins won four out of five games.

Springvale follows up the regular season with a home semi-final against Ormond Glenhuntly Blue this weekend. The Lions outscored the Hunters 34-3 in three wins this season. 

Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 17 v North Western Titans 6

The Hunters confirmed their spot in the finals with a double-digit win over North Western Titans.

Michael Sullivan was on the mound for Ormond Blue, pitching five innings for the win where he gave up six hits, two earned runs and four strikeouts. Trifon Stafilis got the save through two innings of work with two hits, zero runs and one strikeout.

Geoff MacDonald and Tim Carracher did a great job of getting on base, with MacDonald taking three walks and a hit by pitch. A three-run homer made a big difference too. 

Carracher went 3-for-3 with two walks, and he managed to score from all five of his plate appearances. Andrew Clark also had three hits for two runs as did Lucas Bull who added an RBI double. Jarrad Barrow was another Ormond Blue player who scored a home run, a grand slam his one hit of the game where he brought in five runs in total.

Ormond Blue finished fourth with a 8-9-1 record and will play Springvale this weekend in a semi-final while North Western Titans finished the year in sixth with a 3-15 record. The Titans ended their season on a six-game losing streak as their wins were spread out across the season.

Pakenham Pumas 8 v Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 4

In a foreshadowing to this weekend's semi-final which will see these two sides play each other again, the Pumas got the job done. 

The reigning premiers took a four-run lead after three innings on the back of a three-run third dig.

The Hunters brought their first run in at the bottom of the fourth but the margin was brought back up when Pakenham took two more runs in the fifth. 

Another run at the bottom of the seventh doubled Ormond Gold's score before each team scored two runs in the eighth. Tim Bellerby, Danny Cannizzarro and Shaun Fahy kept the Pumas on the path to a solid victory, their tenth of the season.

Pakenham will host this weekend's semi-final as the Pumas chase back-to-back premierships.

Division 3 Reserves

Springvale Lions 9 v Chelsea Dolphins 1

The Lions ensured they finished the season exactly how they wanted and didn't give up as they handed a defeat to Chelsea. 

The 16-3 Lions will now play in a semi-final against Pakenham while the 7-12 Dolphins will miss the postseason. Chelsea started the first 10 rounds with a 5-5 record, including a first win of 26 runs over North Western Titans. 

Ormond Glenhuntly Blue 19 v North Western Titans 0

Ormond Glenhuntly Blue earned themselves a home semi-final on the back of this shutout win over North Western Titans, overtaking fellow competitors Ormond Glenhuntly Gold. 

Finishing second with a 12-6 record will see Ormond Blue as the home team against Ormond Gold, but it could be anyone's game so both sides will have to fight hard.

For the Titans, a 0-17-1 record this season wasn't ideal, especially considering that one draw was in round two v Pakenham as they rode a 16-game losing streak to end the season. Even so, North Western showed plenty of potential that the Titans can build on moving forward.

Pakenham Pumas 13 v Ormond Glenhuntly Gold 2

Pakenham wasted no time getting on the board, scoring nine runs across the first three innings before the Hunters answered with their own offense. 

Ormond Glenhuntly's loss to Pakenham has seen them slip from second to third with a 12-7 record, giving up the right to host a semi-final although, it will still be played at home as they switched places with Ormond Blue.

The Pumas' win sees them in fourth to end the season with a 8-9-2 record and they'll travel to Springvale for this week's semi-final.

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