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2020/21 VSBL Season: COVID Rule Updates

Baseball Victoria
03 December 2020

Baseball Victoria has finalised the VSBL Playing Conditions for the 2020/21 VSBL season with COVID rule updates.

Please note these updated rules apply only to this upcoming season. These changes have been made to comply with the Baseball Victoria Return to Play Plan and Victorian Government guidelines.

“Participant safety remains our top priority heading into this summer season, and the VSBL Playing Conditions have been modified where necessary to ensure we can have a COVIDsafe competition for all players and officials,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “We look forward to a safe and successful season for Victorians of all ages and skill levels.”

Click HERE to view the updated COVID rules for the 2020/21 VSBL season and click HERE for a summary of changes as a single document. The updated Little League Playing Conditions are also available HERE.

Baseball Victoria has also streamlined the process for entering scores for the 2020/21 VSBL season. In place of phoning in scores, clubs will be required to enter scores via SurveyMonkey, and match sheets may be submitted via SurveyMonkey or email. All details on the score submission process and timelines are available HERE.

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