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Baseball Australia Adopts New Coaching Certification

Baseball Victoria
10 July 2020

Baseball Victoria welcomes Baseball Australia’s adoption of the USA Baseball Coaches Certification Program as its recognised qualification at the participation level of the sport.

The three-tiered USA Baseball model will begin to roll out immediately, providing coaches across Victoria and the rest of Australia with a high-quality resource to develop their knowledge under a new partnership.

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This news comes after a review of Baseball Australia’s coaching accreditation last year found it was not providing contemporary knowledge, value for money or multimedia training resources to use on the field.

Baseball Australia found that USA Baseball’s coaching certification program delivers a higher standard of coaching education that will improve the strength of baseball in Australia and benefit both coaches and athletes.

Under the move, coaches who have undertaken the Baseball Australia national coach accreditation scheme will have their certification recognised through to its expiry.

They will have six months from the time of it expiring to transition to the USA Baseball Coaches Certification Program.

The USA Baseball pathway consists of three certification levels – A, B and C – and requires the completion of a series of courses, resources and programs.

Level A and B will be free of cost while level C, which will be available from January next year, is expected to have some costs for the practical assessment component.

The curriculum includes educational resources that cover important topics such as health and safety, creating a positive environment, recognising and responding to misconduct, practice planning, game management, skill-specific development and hosting local coaching clinics.

Bespoke modules will be available to advanced coaches in the performance pathway and elite steams through Baseball Australia’s recently announced partnership with Driveline Baseball.

“Baseball Victoria is pleased to have confirmation of the USA Baseball Coaches Certification Program, and we look forward to the implementation of this program and making it easier for our coaches to expand on their education,” Baseball Victoria CEO Kristie Middleton said. “Our coaches play a fundamental role in our sport and the more resources and knowledge they have, the better the experience is for everyone, especially our athletes.”

I’m already an accredited coach, what do I have to do now?

Your existing accreditation will be valid from the date you received the accreditation through to the date of expiry per the current system. For renewal, you will be required to shift to the new certification.

From today, you may commence registration and progression through the USA Baseball Coaches Certification Program. You may complete Certifications A and B in their entirety now, and the course work of Certification C. The practical assessment will be available from January 2021.

What is the cost of the certification?

Under the current accreditation, Baseball Australia requires a fee for each level attained. Under the new certification, there is no cost to undertake Certification A, B or the course work of C. The practical assessment required to complete certification C may require costs to cover the assessors time. This will be outlined from January 2021.

For more information on coaching through Baseball Victoria, please visit our website or send an email to

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