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Under 18 Winter Championships: Ringwood Districts 11 def. Diamond Valley 0. Sunday 13th July 2014

Baseball Victoria
13 July 2014

Under 18 Winter Championships Final 2014
Ringwood vs Diamond Valley
at Geelong. Sunday 13th July
Game Duration 1 hour and 45 minutes

A direct link to the audio is here. 

Limberg and Bromley of Ringwood got on base with hits to start things off in the top of the 1st.  But the Diamond Valley pitcher Van Wyngaarden was showing good control and ended the dig there with no score.

Diamond Valley replied in the bottom of the frame when Purchase walked with one out.  The left handed Bromley pitching for Ringwood was also in command though, throwing low strikes to take out the last two batters and move the game into the 2nd innings.

Corey Poke for Ringwood bunted to push sub runner Hall (for Hodgson) to 2nd.. This was good team batting by Ringwood to force a runner into scoring position. The next batter Mitch John made good contact but was undone when Diamond Valley forced a double off a line drive back to the pitcher. The game went into the bottom of the 2nd scoreless.

Oliver Dunn of Ringwood hit to lead off the bottom of 3rd innings then increased the pressure by stealing 2nd on the first pitch. Van Wyngaarden responded to that by striking out one and forcing a pop up to Appleby the catcher, putting the pressure back on the batting team with two out. Bromley who was just beginning his day out scored Dunn from 2nd with a (well reached for) hit to right .

Synnot of Diamond Valley got on with a error to 5 then took off in an attempt to steal but the ball went Ringwood’s way. They got their own back with an almost identical double play (to the previous one that went against them) when Wilson of
Diamond Valley hit a line drive comebacker to Bromely on the mound and he finished the dig by running the ball to 1.

Hogdson started it off in the 3rd with a double to left and Poke singled to the same place to make it 1st and 3rd occupied for Ringwood with 0 out. The pressure on the defense then looked to be mounting when Diamond Valley threw the ball into the outfield to let the run in from 3. Mitch John grounded to the infield but DV couldn’t make the fielders’ choice at home, Poke scored, but the runners stayed where they were when Ringwood went back into the dugout leading 3-0.

Bromley looked at ease on the mound in the bottom of the 3rd with 2 strike outs and a ground ball, showing great command. He then showed the way with the bat by beating out an infield single to 6 and followed up by stealing 2nd. Kayne Hillier batted him in when he cleared the left fielder’s head with a stand up double, he also scored to take the Ringwood lead to 5. Medlin of DV eased the pressure a bit when he made a tight play at 1 for the 1st out of the 4th. The Valley boys then looked like they might lift when Appleby (in the dish) caught the sub runner trying to steal 3rd.

Christie-Dosseter of Ringwood drew a walk and that finished the day for Van Wyngaareden who pitched extremely well with no run support. This bought Abbey Kelly to the mound to finish the dig for Diamond Valley.

Appleby of Diamond Valley walked in the bottom of the 4th but the runner then got picked off in a run down when he tried to steal 2nd, on the 1st move from the left handed Bromley.

Dunn of Ringwood started the batting in the 5th with a stand up double that rolled to the fence at left. Evans stole 3rd and Bromely got a free pass to the vacant 1st base. However, Kelly had a trick of her own when she completed  (yet another) double play on a line drive comebacker to strand the runner between 1st and 2nd and take the game into the bottom of the 5th.

Ringwood got two on in the top of the 6th and final frame and DV were unlucky to miss a play at 3rd when the ball appeared to bounce out of Boyd’s glove. Shen Enoch of Ringwood batted in 2 runners to increase the lead to 8. Bromley ended his day out with a stand up double and handed the ball to Limberg to finish off the bottom of the dig with a lead of 11. Limberg looked like he had been waiting for his opportunity to pitch when he closed it out with three up and three down.

Bromley was the star with bat and ball but it was all hitting from Ringwood as well.

Hits for Ringwood- Bromley 4, Hodgson 3, Dunn 2, Poke 1 +1 sac bunt, Hillier and Limberg.

Pitching- Bromley 68 pitches, 25 balls, 43 strikes, 2 BB, 7Ks. Congratulations to Ryan Bromely of Ringwood Districts on pitching a no-hitter in the under 18 State Winter Championships Final.

In the other finals games. 

Playoff Game for 3rd Place - Dandenong (8) DEF Geelong (2)
Playoff Game for 5th Place - Sunraysia (16) DEF Bendigo (0)

Most Valuable Players for the respective teams were:
Bendigo: Lachlan Jack
Dandenong: William Day
Diamond Valley: Riley Hill
Geelong: Tyler Huisman
Ringwood: Corey Poke
Sunraysia: Tanner Parmenter

Baseball Victoria wishes to thank the following who made the Under 18 Winter State Championships a huge success.

City of Greater Geelong
Ausport Superstore
Geelong Baseball Association
Guild Baseball Club
East Belmont Saints Baseball Club
all umpires, coaches, team managers, scorers, parents and players.

By Cam Gleeson

See more photos courtesy of Memento Sports Photos


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