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2021 Little League State Championships

Baseball Victoria is pleased to confirm that the 2021 Little League State Championships will be held as follows:

Junior League, Little League and Senior League with the Little League Major Championship Game

Sunday 11 April 2021 Update at 5.33pm

Inclement weather has effected the final day of the Baseball Victoria Little League State Championships with intermittent heavy rain, consistent showers, thunder and lighting preventing the start of games this morning.

The Little League Development League concluded without play on Sunday, 11 April and the winner was awarded on the standings, with the Twins Team, having won three out of four of their games, declared the Little League Development Champions.

The Little League Major Championship games (1v4,2v3 and the subsequent 3v4) were not able to be completed and therefore on the standings, Position One Mariners and Position Two - Twins, will progress to the Little League Major Championship rescheduled game on Sunday, 18 April 2021 at Werribee at 8am.  


Payment for the Little State Championships, across all divisions, is made through Team App.  

Download Team App from the Google Play or the App Store or you can join via - CLICK HERE for a full instructions on downloading Team App.

Within Team App, Search Baseball Victoria and within the Store, the 2021 State Charter Championship Products are available. CLICK HERE for a full instructions on downloading Team App and screenshots of the selection pages.  

This payment gateway includes the registration of all information for medical and contact details, codes of conduct and allows coaches, managers and volunteers to sign up and provide their information.


Click HERE to view the fixture for the 2021 Little League State Championships.


All participants will receive their uniform pack of:

  • Playing Jersey
  • Undershirt
  • Batting Jacket
  • Hoodie
  • Hat/Snapback Cap
  • Backpack

If you require any further assistance with your uniform, please contact us via email HERE.


For questions in relation to COVID-19, please visit the dedicated COVID-19 section of our website including Frequently Asked COVID Questions and the Return to Play COVID Safe Plan

Little League General Questions:

For the reschedule Little League Major Championship Game do the pitch counts return to zero?


Why do games start at different times?

The matches are staged to allow for safer COVID arrival and departure timing.

What are the field sizes in Australia for Little League? 

Click HERE for the outline of Field Sizes.

Is there parking available at the host club?


Where are the rules for Little League?

The Rules are available via the Little League International App - Click HERE to access the page on their website to link to the download.  Note access to the App is $2.99 (USD).  

The Rule Book can also be downloaded to Kindle Devices.  Click HERE to access the page on their website to link to the download.  Note access via the Kindle 'Book' is $3.99 (USD).

The Variances for the Rules that apply in Australia can be found HERE.

What is the Baseball Victoria Code of Conduct for Little League Events?

Click HERE for the Code of Conduct that forms part of the registration process.

Where can I get information on results and ladders?

All information will be posted here and the events will using GameChanger as the official electronic scoring - Click HERE to access the GameChanger website and App.

How will I find out what time the matches are scheduled on the Sunday for semi-finals and the Grand Final?

This will be posted to this website, to GameChanger and will be posted at the venue.

Will there be food and beverages available at the host clubs?

Yes, lunch will not be provided as part of the event, but there will be canteen services available to purchase food.  Food and beverages can be bought to the event.

Note, this is a junior event and no alcohol will be sold or is permitted at the event.  

Where do I direct my queries to?

You can email all queries to - and while on site the Baseball Victoria staff, along with the Appointed District Administrator will be able to answer your questions. 

What happens in the event that the Championship is interrupted by wet weather?

Depending on cancellations of games or full days, the fixture will be rescheduled and you will be updated here, via GameChanger and via direct email.

Why is my child's name not listed in the program?

The program will be correct as at Tuesday, 13 April at 4.30pm for Weekend Two.  If changes to the program are made after these deadlines, the updated names may not have been removed or replaced in the printed programs, however the program will also be available online and will be updated in that online version - we can also make this available to print in the original format on request.

What first aid facilities will be available on-site?

Western Sports Trainers and First Aid Providers will be onsite each day from 1 hour prior to the first game.  We pre game taping is required, this can be provided by the trainers, however preventative taping requires the participant to provide the tape.  Otherwise tape and medical ice, along with any necessary first aid supplier will be provided.  

Is there Medication storage, medical treatment spaces and additional services?

BV will arrange for the storage of any necessary medication (refrigeration or lockable storage) at each event.  Please advise if you require space for medical treatments and we will make any necessary arrangements.  If there are any additional services required that would make the participants or spectators attendance at these events more accessible and comfortable please contact us at

Previous Update Information: 

Junior League, Intermediate League and Senior League

The introduction of the 6-A-Side competition will allow Victorian clubs to enter teams via their charters (see contact details below). Club-based teams will be able to enter and participate in the state event. 

COVID continues to influence the Victorian sporting landscape, so in contrast to previous years, the event will not supply lunches to participants. There may be also be alternations to the start times for some schedules to ensure safe access to and from fields for all participants and spectators. 

Uniforms will be provided to all participants in Little League, Junior League, Intermediate League, and Senior League, and the process for ordering uniforms will be confirmed in the coming weeks via your charter programs. 

Currently, Baseball Victoria is continuing to work with our state and territory counterparts and Baseball Australia on the national events, currently scheduled for May and June – click HERE for full details.

These events remain in the national calendar as we establish protocols to accommodate the potential for COVID related rescheduling, cancellation or additional measures to ensure the safety of our junior participants. 

Uniforms for selected teams are currently being distributed and charters are reviewing fixtures for both weekends which will be confirmed next week.

Please note further updates on payment information and other details will be available in the coming weeks.

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