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2021 Little League State Championships

Baseball Victoria is pleased to confirm that the 2021 Little League State Championships have been completed.

Thank you to the umpires, scorers, coaches and volunteers that made the Little League State Championships possible, and congratulations to the Victorian State Champions:

Senior League - Southern Mariners (SM 8 v EA 0)

Junior League - Southern Mariners (SM 15 v T 6)

Intermediate League - Eastern Athletics (EA 11 v T 7)

Little League Major - Southern Mariners  (SM 8 v T 7)

Congratulations to the following teams on their standings as the two teams whom are eligible to attend the Little League National Championships.

Senior League - Southern Mariners (gold medal finish) and Eastern Athletics (bronze medal finish)

Read more about the Senior League victories HERE.

Junior League - Southern Mariners (fifth place finish) and Twins (silver medal finish)

Read more about the Junior League tournament HERE.

Intermediate League - Twins and Eastern Athletics

Little League Major - Southern Mariners and Twins

For a full wrap of the final day click HERE or visit our news section for daily wraps from both Little League State Championship weekends.

Further details on the national events, including updated frequently asked questions, cost profiles, and the necessary official documentation will be provided via email and then updated here.  

The schedule for national events includes: 

Australian Senior League Championship: 8-12 May 2021 at Albert Park Baseball Complex in Lismore.

Australian Junior League Championship: 16-20 May 2021 at West Beach in Adelaide.

Australian Intermediate League Championship: 25-29 May 2021 in Mildura.

Australian Little League Championship: 9-14 June 2021 in Lismore.

Click HERE for all the event details from Baseball Australia.



Will the national events proceed? 

Baseball Australia is continuing with national events, and have Baseball Australia National COVID Protocols for all attendees.  

Can spectators attend the national events? 

Yes, Baseball Australia is allowing spectators,  in line with the Baseball Australia National COVID Protocols.

How do I pay for a athlete to attend the national event?

Baseball Australia will issue the levy per players and Baseball Victoria will collect this levy via Team App.  The costs cover 14 players, coaching staff, and executive officer and a scorer for each team and includes flights, ground transport, accommodation, meals and event costs.  

What information do I have to provide to attend the national event?

The Executive Officer for each team will have all the necessary paperwork to complete.

When will the schedule for the national events be released? 

The schedule for each event is being finalised now and will be posted from the Baseball Australia website.  

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